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This performance was submitted by a loyal visitor of The Acoustic Version, and we think it rocks! It’s the first and only acoustic cover that Ilias has uploaded, and in our opinion he definitely needs to add more.

In the 2005 Iron Maiden DVD “Death On The Road“, lead singer Bruce Dickinson says that this song is about the whole process of writing and being a musician, although the song sounds like it is about life in general. It seems to trace the path of Iron Maiden over their colorful history. Journeyman from the 2003 album Dance of Death is a great example of why Iron Maiden is one of the most successful heavy metal bands in history.

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Among others, this song was later covered by Peter Frampton on his 2006 instrumental album Fingerprints. The lyrics were replaced by Frampton on guitar, playing through his trademark “talk box,” through which he simulated the pitch of the vocals but not the words. The only distinguishable words (played through the talk box) in the rendition are “Black hole sun, won’t you come,” which can be heard in the verses after the bridge/guitar solo. Frampton was joined on the track by Pearl Jam/Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron and Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready.

The acoustic version of Black Hole Sun by Chris Cornell shows a darker, more sinister side of a song that was commonly misinterpreted as being positive.

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