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A lot of people have told us how much they enjoyed watching Rodrigo y Gabriela play Stairway to Heaven, so we thought we’d share a lesson from one half of the duo, Gabriela Quintero, on right hand playing. Before getting into the exercises, Gabriela emphasizes the importance of a proper warm-up routine and correct technique (it’s all in the wrist!). Then she takes us through three patterns: the basic up-down; the triplet; and working in the hit.

All too often rock guitarists see the fretboard as the only landscape for real musical growth. People like Gabriela, Tony Rice, and fingerpickers like Tommy Emmanuel (to be featured soon), different as they all are, show us how much you can add to your playing by focusing some time and energy into your right hand.

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Radiohead is a band that needs no introduction. If you love ’em, you’ll love this. If you hate ’em, fuel for your fire. Either way, you must admit that their music is always original, always unique, and always so.. well.. so Radiohead. Creating an aesthetic, an artistic personality, is one of the toughest – and most important – things for a musician to accomplish, and they’ve got theirs down pat.

This acoustic version of Faust Arp is from Scotch Mist, a webcast they released for New Years 2008, featuring never-before-seen performances of tracks from In Rainbows, as well as lyrical interludes such as the one that opens this clip. Piss-centered foam parties… fun.

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