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I saw Ozma play back in 2004, and it was one of those shows that makes sounds seem like they’re traveling through water to reach your eardrums for several post-concert days. Your hearing should return to normal within 18 hours after prolonged exposure to loud noise, meaning that if you still feel the effects after two or more days you’ve almost certainly done your ears permanent, irreversible damage. But you don’t need to hear me preach about aural health when you can get that from The Who’s Pete Townshend.

Regardless, this is a site about acoustic music and I’d bet I’m not the only one here who makes a distinction between music and noise. To their credit, though, Ozma is not one of the many bands who compensate for an utter lack of interesting musical ideas by cranking up the volume. As they demonstrate in this acoustic version of Game Over, these guys know how to set up a good song with a good hook, and their vocal harmonies are like their keyboard player (Star Wick, sitting second from our right and looking kind of sheepish) – original but still pretty. Guess they didn’t have a baby grand handy so she could join in the acoustic fun.

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It’s not uncommon to see two people play a duet on a single piano, but that kind of collaboration is a bit more unusual on a guitar. It’s not impossible, though – take a look at Antoine Dufour and his goofily grinning buddy. The song is Jerry’s Breakdown by Jerry Reed, and novelty aside, it’s an impressive rendition.

Dufour’s is a pretty popular video, and you may have seen it already. You’re less likely, however, to have seen this stirring response by a guy calling himself “dwgACOUSTIC.” The piece is entitled Black Sunday, and though it initially sounds a bit like The Beatles’ Dear Prudence, it actually turns out to be quite different.

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