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Wow! If you’re learning to play this style of music on the acoustic guitar, then this video should definitely be an inspiration. It’s a cover version of Bon Jovi’s Livin’ On A Prayer, and the vocal melodies are all here, but without a singer! The guy plays it all on his guitar on top of the rhythm. You’ll see what I mean when you press play. I can only hope to be able to play something like this someday. Maybe if I watch enough of these acoustic guitar videos slowed down, frame by frame, it could happen.

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Robert Smith, lead singer and primary songwriter of The Cure, said in 2006, “It’s so pitiful when ‘goth’ is still tagged onto the name The Cure”, and added, “We’re not categorisable. I suppose we were post-punk when we came out, but in total it’s impossible. I just play Cure music, whatever that is.” Whatever it is, fans around the world have loved it for decades.

The legacy of original music produced by The Cure cannot be ignored. One song in particular, Lullaby, has been covered by a plethora of musicians including Jimmy Page and Robert Plant while on tour in 1995 with Porl Thompson as support musician. Their Acoustic Hits DVD box set, released in 2005, provided 3-discs full of great acoustic performances and videos like the one below.

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