Filed Under (Acoustic Covers) by Jason on March-20-2011

Check out this acoustic version of the classic War Pigs, performed by one Savannah King. A solid rendition, and nothing too fancy, but it’s her vocals that really stand out. More than simply changing the emotional content by lending a softer touch to a pretty aggressive tune (The Dresden Dolls’ version, also featuring a female vocalist, is even angrier than the original), Savannah’s voice has a slightly throaty quality to it which recalls – dare I say it – Sarah McLachlan. This is particularly evident during the verses that begin at 1:43, and transforms the tone from one of confrontation to one closer to lamentation. Which is some good interpretive work – though it was originally written as a protest song during the Vietnam era, by now most of us feel more or less like Savannah does: this is, sadly, just the way things are.

To check out more of Savannah’s work, visit her on YouTube and MySpace.

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