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Paul McCartney often plays second fiddle to John Lennon, even 30 years after the latter’s death. The two had a complicated relationship, which influenced their creative output in all kinds of ways. But whatever the subtle dynamics that produced Blackbird, Eleanor Rigby, Yesterday, Penny Lane, The Night Before, She’s Leaving Home, Hey Jude, and dozens of other great songs, they are all attributed to Paul and are primarily his handiwork. So it’s really quite remarkable that the song McCartney himself has said he hopes to be remembered for is one he released on a solo album in 1970, Maybe I’m Amazed. It’s one of those songs that you probably know even if you don’t by name, so you shouldn’t have any trouble humming along to this fantastic fingerstyle instrumental rendition by Adrian Holovaty.

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Shelley on May 31st, 2011 at 6:38 pm #

Great job! Beautiful. I am trying to find an acoustic instrument version of htis song for me wedding ( a friend will be singing) Do you happen to have an mp3 of this?

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