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João Gilberto and Snoop Dogg make an unlikely pairing. The former, a 79 year old Brazilian guitarist and singer, invented the Bossa Nova style during the late ‘50s. The latter, well.. you know who he is.

Gilberto, along with legendary saxophonist Stan Getz, made an album in the style – entitled Getz/Gilberto – which won the 1965 Grammy for Album of the Year (the same year The Beatles won Best New Artist). The Girl from Ipanema, a track on Getz/Gilberto, won Record of the Year.

Snoop Dogg was nominated for the 2009 Grammy for Best Rap Song and Best Rap Solo Performance for his song Sexual Eruption, (radio edited to Sensual Seduction). The song actually features very little rapping, with Snoop choosing instead to sing an auto-tuned melody. The subject matter is pretty self-explanatory.

Here the two get together to make a Bossa Nova version of Sensual Seduction (perhaps the original title is too risqué for YouTube). Standing offer to AV readers: submit a video of an auto-tuned performance of The Girl from Ipanema and see it featured on the homepage. Bonus points if you rap the last verse.

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Adam L on December 8th, 2010 at 10:12 am #

This is only tangentially related, but as long as we’re talking about acoustic Brazilian music…have you heard the album “Gil e Jorge”? It’s an album from the ’70s by Gilberto Gil and Jorge Ben (and one percussionist) that came out of a jam session between the two of them, supposedly while they were both drunk. Anyway, it’s basically become the defining moment for both of them, and they’re each pretty famous musicians. A lot of the songs are pretty long (like 6-8+ minutes and some go way beyond that) but it’s some mind-melting stuff. My favorite song is “Taj Mahal” but it’s a little difficult to track down online–this song is good too though:

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