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The White Stripes broke up last week. While this may have seemed like a foregone conclusion for a while now what with the number of Jack White side projects racking up faster than Rex Ryan foot jokes, the band’s demise was officially announced just recently. With their breakup the music world will lose one of the biggest and best rock bands of recent years, and a band whose deep appreciation of American blues and acoustic music was evident at all times. The White Stripes are well known for their numerous acoustic numbers (which include, but are not limited to, Hotel Yorba and We’re Going to Be Friends, two of the group’s best songs) but, seeing as this blog is dedicated to acoustic music, it’s an unplugged version of their breakthrough song, Fell in Love With a Girl, that I present to you now, dear reader:

This is a guest post courtesy of a White Stripe named Adam. Read his piece on David Byrne and the Talking Heads here. For his safety and our own, his true identity must, once again, remain a mystery.

For those that know the original song, it’s immediately apparent that this version is vastly different. Slowed down significantly, White turns his barnburning baby into a slow, bluesy stomp. White has long been appreciated by many fans for his ability to take an existing song and twist it in to something unrecognizable. The White Stripes frequently played Bob Dylan songs live and managed to put their own stamp on them (for a brief rundown of those songs, check out this link. This tune, while lacking the immediacy of the original, nonetheless presents a songwriter capable of taking his music to radically new places. A true talent, and one that will be missed by this writer.

The studio version, for comparison’s sake:
Fell In Love With A Girl by joshuamic

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