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Today is a special today at The AV: after an unofficial hiatus of several months, we are back! (And by “we are,” I mean “I am” – a one man operation is woefully vulnerable to fluctuations in work schedule and personal obligations.) I apologize for the break. Thanks for bearing with me.

The good news is, a three month lull means three months’ worth of great submissions. Over the next month or so, I’ll be posting the best of those performances. Check back in on Sundays and Thursdays for great acoustic music from readers of The AV!

To get us started, here are two of those submissions, one original and one cover, both from students of Boston’s Berklee College of Music. First, behold singer-songwriter Jennah Bell performing her soulful composition Black Sheep:

Jennah’s 5 track EP, Early Bird (listen to and purchase it here), varies widely in style. My favorite is the third track, Monster Killer – a brilliantly minimalist sequel to Michael Jackson’s Thriller, crafted as if by a SpoonFiona Apple hybrid spawned on the cold side of the pillow:

Jennah Bell – Monster Killer by theacousticversion-1

Next, we have 17 year old Joe Barnard covering Sufjan Stevens’ Chicago:

Listen to lots more from Joe at his YouTube page, where you’ll find covers of Coldplay, Guster, John Mayer, John Frusciante, Green Day, Ryan Adams, and more, as well as original songs and looped compositions, many displaying his considerable abilities as a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and video editor.

Stevens’ original, in case you’re curious:
Chicago-Sufjan Stevens by slyleaky

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