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Within the YouTube universe, there is a world of musicians, amateur and professional, who are constantly busy covering, interpreting, and reinventing sounds. This world of cyber-performance has spawned a new species of success – that of the viral artist, who is thrust from the anonymity of his or her bedroom and, brushing away the world wide cobwebs, enjoys a sudden, newfound spotlight. This spotlight, driven also by YouTube’s fellow flagships of social media, sometimes shines very bright – Andy McKee, now one of the biggest names in contemporary fingerstyle, is among the best examples of this.

Yet, despite the unprecedented access it provides musicians and performers to broad audiences as well as to each other, YouTube is not quite the answer for homebody songsters. The reason for this is in the very design: it rewards popularity (in the form of hits), a notoriously unreliable indicator of quality in music. Without a comb and a pair of tweezers, there’s simply no adequate way to extract the diamonds from the YouTube rough. Doing so is part of the mission of The AV, but our challenges are the same as yours, loyal reader.

Enter CoverStruck. Launched just a few months ago, CoverStruck is a music-centric video-sharing website which is explicitly designed to reward quality – as determined by the viewers, themselves often musicians and always passionate about music. CoverStruck is YouTube with taste (and without trolls). In other words, it’s a long time coming.

Growing steadily since its launch, CoverStruck is the only website of its kind to provide musicians with a reliable mechanism for putting their music in front of fellow musicians, both for publicity and for feedback. The best part is that, in this community of musicians, the feedback responds to the performance on its own terms, instead of based upon whatever ADD-influenced standards motivate the many YouTubers who leave their obnoxious commentary just because they get off on being anonymous. You’ll certainly see folks from CoverStruck featured here in the coming months – including the winner of their upcoming inaugural cover competition (follow those proceedings here).

Anyway, and without further ado, here are a few of the talents unearthed by CoverStruck so far:

Ellipsis is a duo who describe their music as “electroacoustic with classical influences.” Click the below frame to watch them play Bon Iver’s “The Wolves (Acts I and II).”

Ryan Knorr hails from Des Moines, IA, where he is taking full advantage of the internet to reach viewers across the country. Also a talented songwriter, watch Ryan cover The Verve Pipe’s “The Freshman” below.

Mitch Rossell, born and raised in the great musical state of Tennessee, possesses just about the most powerful vocal chords you’re likely to detect behind an acoustic guitar. Here he brings that energy to Zac Brown Band’s “Free.”

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