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If anyone ever tells you they don’t care for music, show them this.

The musician, Tyler Gregory (visit him and buy his music here), put it this way:

“It was an ordinary day, walking to my regular spot to busk when I don’t have a gig that night, and play music on the corner for a rotating crowd. When Jacob came over I felt excited about having another kid listen to the music. (Makes my day when kids dance to the music on the street… I already had a couple come over that day so it was already nice). However, unlike most kids that come up to me with curiosity, I felt so much energy coming off of him and I was completely overwhelmed. His hand on my leg was very powerful and about brought me to tears while playing. Not because he is blind or autistic.. but because of a connection I have never felt and one that is impossible to explain. Honestly, a feeling that came from my toes all the way up my body and surrounded me. I can’t begin to explain it. I want to try to put it into words, but there is no way to tell how powerful his energy felt.

It was a powerful moment that made my day and reminded me of the good things in life. Reminded me why I love different interactions with people when playing music. Reminded me of how powerful music can be between two people. It also reminded me not to take things for granted, for most of us have it pretty easy in our everyday life. So, I just simply went home with a very big smile on my face that day, and a story to tell my close ones.”

How powerful music can be between two people, dig? Use your music. Share it. You may find power in it you never imagined was there.

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Tonight commences Yom Kippur, the most consequential day of the Jewish calendar and the climax of the 10 Days of Repentance. For 25 hours, Jews the world over will fast and spend the bulk of their time immersed in prayer and reflection. As the sun goes down tomorrow night, the gates of heaven will close, and the fate of each individual will be sealed for the next year.

How does one internalize an event of such monumental importance? As Phish reminds us, music helps. Indeed, music, which features prominently in the Yom Kippur service, instigates a kind of sensual, emotional, and even intellectual ecstasy which many people might otherwise go a lifetime without experiencing. It has the capacity to alter one’s experience of time, to heighten his awareness of the permeable border between physical and psychological phenomena, to dull or even suspend his preoccupation with his embodied state.

This jam is based on a verse from the poem “Avinu Malkenu” (“Our Father, Our King”). Its rough translation is:

Our God, our King
Have compassion on us and answer us
For we are without deeds
Act upon us with righteousness and mercy
And save us

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Although it must be admitted that, as Aaron pointed out in his post on Rodrigo y Gabriela’s interpretation of Metallica’s “Orion”, using a guitar for percussion has become something of an “overused gimmick,” it is also true that for every cliche there is one who defines it, for every trend a -setter. And few recent guitarists have innovated more technically and creatively than has Don Ross, who counts the likes of Don Alder (an interview with him is forthcoming on The AV) and Andy McKee among his disciples.

Watching this rendition of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy”, it’s easy to see why Ross has acquired the reputation he has. While rhythm is used by some as a method to conceal a lack of harmonic ideas, Ross manages to reconstruct Cee Lo and Danger Mouse’s catchy melody lines with both conventional techniques and with harmonics, to build them vertically with suspended and otherwise unusual chord shapes, and to spice them up with all kinds of difficult right-left syncopations. Pretty cool stuff.

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The YouTube legions have now had a couple weeks since Radiohead released their new album, The King of Limbs, to take their cracks at covering some of the tunes. It’s no easy task, both because of the heavy emphasis on electronic sounds – requiring an instrumentalist to be creative with the arrangements – and because Thom Yorke’s voice is.. well… the guy is a freakin’ eunuch. There, I said it.

Anyway, here’s the best acoustic version of Lotus Flower you’ll find on YouTube. Well done, thesoundcanal.

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